Kristin Oliver

Artist + Activist + Funding Strategist

With integrity as a touchstone, Kristin takes a heart-centered approach to fundraising for meaningful initiatives that illuminate and activate issues of social justice, human rights and environmental protection. She designs sustainable funding strategies for social impact and develops thoughtful, mutually-rewarding relationships that bring together activists and philanthropists to shift the status quo. Kristin is also the founder of Open Rivers, a space dedicated to sharing fundraising resources online and in real life.

As an artist, Kristin’s past creative projects have taken her to some 50 countries and her photography has been featured in more than two dozen exhibitions. Today, a rotating selection of images from her archive can be viewed online at Oliverfoto.

Kristin’s personal activism rallies for climate justice, freedom from violence and accountability for war crimes. Off the grid, you’ll likely find her in dusty boots, exploring ancient ruins and musing on the sovereignty of the human experience.

Lately she’s been laser-focused on bridging divides. That, and taking the time to write each and every morning.

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